Competitive League Rules

Team League Rules - Overview

We will play by the Ultimate Players Association Eleventh Edition Rules of Ultimate.
One of the league organizers will also have a copy of the rule book at the fields.

SUPA Team League Specific Rules

1. Men/Women Ratio:

  • After the start of each point, prior to the pull, the offensive team chooses to play with either three (3) male players and four (4) female players or three (3) female players and four (4) male players.  Additional ratios can be implemented, only prior to each point and ratios must be discussed and agreed upon by team captains.
  • A team must field 5 players or that team will forfeit automatically
  • Opposing team may field 5-7 players even if the other team only fields 5 or 6 players
  • With 7 players, teams may elect to play with gender ratios of  6-1 or 5-2, but only if both captains agree

2. Forfeits:

  • A team that cannot field 5 players within a half hour of the official start time (OST) (called aloud by the league convener or opposing team captain “ready team”) is considered a forfeit
  • For each 5 minutes that passes after the OST a point is awarded to the ready team
  • Once the OST has started, the elapsed time is not made up once the non-ready team is ready
  • A teams first forfeit results in a $50 fine to be paid prior to the next game
  • A second and any additional forfeits results in a $75 fine to be paid prior to the next game
  • Fines are given to the ready team to be used for a social outing at SUPA’s sponsor
  • Two or more forfeits in a season will put a team under review by the board and could lead to possible league suspension
  • Recruiting other players not on the main roster doesn’t count as fielding a team.  That team still forfeits, but the game may still be played if the ready team chooses to play.

3. Points and time limit:

  • Games are to 15 points
  • Games are 75 minutes long including a 5 minute half
  • Half time occurs when a team reaches point 8 OR after a soft cap time of 35 minute playing time. Meaning that that if neither team has scored 8 points and 35 minutes of playing time has elapsed, the halftime break will occur after the next point is scored.
  • When the horn sounds to end the game, play continues until current scoring attempt is completed
  • If the game is tied when the horn sounds, play continues until one additional goal is scored

4. Blocking:

  • Foot blocks are allowed by default, but can be disallowed if captains agree prior to match start.

5. Footwear and Jewelry:

  • Players must wear either running shoes or cleats. Cleats are strongly recommended
  • Cleats cannot have metal spikes
  • Players must not wear rings, necklaces that hang lower than 3 inches below the neck, bracelets, dangling earrings, watches or other items that might snag someone or something

6. Overly aggressive play:

  • Dangerous play WILL NOT not be tolerated in Team League play.  Winning the game should never be prioritized over keeping your fellow players safe. Examples include:
    • Running without looking where you’re going and colliding with other players
    • Throwing without looking where you’re throwing and hitting other players
    • Jumping with uncontrolled movements into a crowd players trying to catch a disc
    • Taunting or yelling at other players
  • Any issues should be reported to and the incident will be forwarded to the discipline committee for evaluation

7. Pull Rule:

  • Live zone:  If the disc lands on and stays in the playing field (or end zone):
    • play from where the disc comes to rest
  • If the disc lands out, player has the following options:
    • call middle – take disc to the middle at the point where the disc last crossed the perimeter line
    • Bricking:
      • If a pull lands out of bounds behind the brick mark, you can choose to middle it and advance it to the brick mark.
      • On a standard 70yd x 40yd field with 25yd endzones, the brick mark is in the middle of the field, 20yds in front of the endzone.
    • play from the closest spot on the playing field proper (not the end zone) to where the disc last went out:
      • side line – if in front of the end zone
      • closest front corner  – if behind the end zone and went out the side
      • straight up to the line –  if it goes out the back
  • If disc lands in and ROLLS out:
    • play from spot on the playing field proper (not end zone) where the disc rolled out
      • side line – if in front of the end zone line
      • closest front corner – if behind the end zone and went out the side
      • straight up to the line – if it goes out the back

8. Roster Changes:

  • Cannot be made past Week 5
  • When adding a player you must notify the league coordinator who will then notify captains, which can be done by emailing:
    • this must be done at least 24hrs before the newly added player’s first game in order for the player to be eligible to play in that game
    • if an ineligible player plays in a game that game is forfeited
      • If this occurs more than twice in a season, the discipline committee will be notified and will decide what action needs to be taken.
    • If a player is injured and lost for the remainder season the captain may add a replacement player but only up to 2 weeks/games left in the season.
    • Players may not be added to a roster during the playoffs



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