Committee Directors

Committee Directors

Our board members take the lead on committees.  We call them directors.  Below you’ll find the different committee directors.  If you see a committee you’d like to volunteer to be a part of, please send them an email.


Director of League Operations – Ryan Walsh

  • Set up online registrations for each league (obtain relevant demographic information, ensure
  • online payment collection method and waiver agreements are set)
  • Set schedules for league play
  • Integrate registration with SUPA website and social media
  • Schedule and facilitate captains/convener meetings
  • Audit facilities inspections for acceptable playing conditions. Escalate to
  • board/captains/convener immediately if issue is identified
  • Make sure somebody is in charge of ensuring the game bag is present at the games
  • Organizes the league convenor(s)


Director of Equipment – Rob McClelland

  • Inspect safety equipment (first aid materials) before each league season and at least once during halfway point of league seasons and before playoffs.
  • Facilitate the order all equipment and materials related to the play of Ultimate (shirts, discs, scoreboards, etc.)
  • Develop/maintain emergency plans (local EMS routes, emergency contact numbers, etc.)
  • Proactively identify risks that may impact the board/captains/players/convener and provide recommendations to the board on how to counter those risks
  • Ensure first aid kit is at the field each game
  • Maintain and update the captains binders


Directors of Communications – Kristen Hoffman, Derek Rice

  • Actively engage members via social media, word of mouth and print.
  • Communicate with members at least two months before league play begins
  • Communicate weekly when registrations are open
  • Communicate all events in a positive and engaging manner, including special events
  • Send out AGM communications according to our policies timelines
  • Develop a broad communications strategy including consistent messaging, themes & design
  • Collaborate with Directors of marketing, Social/Special events, and director of website.
  • Regularly checks and replies to messages sent via Facebook and other social media.


Director of Marketing/Sponsorship – 

  • Actively seek sponsorships from community organizations
  • Provide input to the board about how to increase SUPA awareness in the community
  • Provide promotional materials to Director of Communications for delivery
  • Develop/maintain semiannual news letter
  • Work closely with the Director of Social/Special Events to promote events


Director of Social/Special Events – Jenn Sweezey, Jen Jonusaitis

  • Organize social outings with selected venues (seating, reservations, food discounts, etc.)
  • Facilitate spirit prize awards (purchase/delivery)
  • Work with Director of Marketing and Communications to promote events
  • Collect member information for draws
  • Ensure city permits/by-laws are being met
  • Managing Volunteers


Director of Policies and Procedures – Derek Rice

  • Be intimately familiar with SUPA’s policies and procedures
  • Develop ways to communicate specific P&P’s when necessary
  • Maintain and update P&P’s when necessary
  • Inform board if P&P’s are being breached
  • Do what the P&P tells us to do and ensure other board members follow the P&P


Director of Website – Kristen Hoffman

  • Update website regularly
  • Continuous improvement of website navigation
  • Actively look for and correct broken links
  • Work closely with other Directors to determine what should be shared on the website
  • Look for website add-ons (Calendar’s, Survey’s, Pictures) to make website more interactive