Captain Roles and Responsibilities

Home Game Responsibilities

  • Make sure field is set up and/or taken down (if first and/or last on field)
  • Report scores within 24 hours of your game

Responsibility Expectations 

  • Act as a liaison between SUPA and your players
  • Have a good understanding of the rules of the game (
  • Read, understand and adhere to all SUPA policies
  • Inform and educate players of SUPA policies when pertinent to do so
  • Demonstrate Spirit of the Game at all times and encourage all other players to do so
  • Send out weekly e-mails to your team with information about the upcoming game
  • Encourage players to play different field positions
  • Encourage players to share playing time equally
  • Try to appropriately deal with any on-field tensions that may arise following SUPA policies
  • Meet with opposing captain before and during the game to clarify any rules and solve any on-field issues
  • Encourage your players to check the website, participate in SUPA skills clinics (if available), and social events

Other responsibilities

  • Report concerns/incidents from any game
  • Fill out a report for major injuries that may have occurred during a game
  • Collect any money owed by players/team
  • Report spirit scores with 24 hours of a game
  • Verify home captain scores