Welcome to SUPA’s social page!


If you’re a returning SUPA player or have come out to play pick-up, you may have noticed that Ultimate Frisbee is as much about the social scene as it is about the sport! Ultimate Frisbee has grown immensely over the last several years all over the world and the Sault Ultimate Players’ Association is looking to increase the popularity and love of the sport in Sault Ste Marie. Since the league started 5 years ago the number of players continues to grow. We are always looking to improve the league, educate players and promote the spirit of the game.


While we like to think we are very serious about the sport we also can’t wait to let out hair down and have an awesome time!! Our Season Opener Party allows everyone to get to know teammates, captains, executives and experienced players. Throughout the season we might also ask you to grow a mustache for Derd Night, squeeze into spandex for 80’s Night or wear blue eyeshadow for Rockstar Night. We like  to quench our thirst after each game by heading to our local sponsor. Here, we like to continue our Theme nights by getting everyone involved in judging the most creative ideas. Then to end the season we like to have a big blowout where we celebrate a great season!


We also like to put on our annual Spaghetti Dinner, proceeds going to a local charity. We promote Ultimate Frisbee within the community by having interactive demonstrations at various events like the Dragon Boat Race and the Sault Sports Council Showcase

We also like enter teams in Ultimate Frisbee tournaments in other cities. These tournaments encourage people of varying skills to get to know the strategy of Ultimate Frisbee while having an amazing time.

If you would like to help organize or participate in a SUPA social event drop us a line.