The Dollars and Cents:

Sault Ultimate Players Association is a not-for-profit league. 

Although SUPA is a not-for-profit it does not operate strictly on a cost recovery basis. Similar to other not-for-profits, a small percentage of league fees are put into reserve funds to cover future costs.  Such future costs consist of field improvements, accounting and legal fees, insurance and general operating costs.

Sault Ultimate Players Assocation fees consist of Membership Registration and League Fees.

Membership Registration: 

There is a $20 Membership Registration.  This membership registration covers a full calendar year and gives you access to play in all Sault Ultimate Players Association leagues, insurance, a SUPA disc and Ontario Disc Sports Association membership.

League Fees:

There are currently four leagues, each with their own fee structure.  The four leagues are Winter Co-ed Indoor Recreation League, Summer Co-ed Recreation League, Summer Co-ed Team League and Fall Co-ed Recreation League. 

League fees become available closer to league registration dates.