Board of Directors

President – Derek Rice

  • Organize and chair meetings
  • Set board meeting agendas in collaboration with board members
  • Provide support for all positions
  • Appoint chairpersons of committees in consultation with board members
  • Monitor financial planning and financial reports
  • Informally evaluate effectiveness of board members
  • Evaluate and report out on performance of organization in achieving its mission
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Work with Vice-President to develop and implement officer transition plans.
  • Key communicator with the city

Vice-President – Kristen Hoffman

  • Performs chair duties when chair not available
  • Supports and Reports to board chair
  • Works closely with chair and other board members
  • Works with chair to develop and implement officer transition plans
  • Other duties as assigned

Secretary – Jay McLellan

  • Maintains records of the board
  • Effectively manages the organizations records
  • Takes minutes of all board meetings
  • Obtains and organizes committee meetings minutes
  • Distributes minutes to board members within two weeks of board meetings
  • Be knowledgeable of organizational polices and other legal documents (policies/procedures) in
  • order to note applicability during meetings.
  • Other duties.

Treasurer/Director of Finances – Kevin Kairiss

  • Oversees and administer the fiscal matters of the organization
  • Engage at least 2 other board members to help draft the budget and present annual budget to
  • the board for approval
  • Report out updates when necessary and provides actuals compared to budget
  • Provide at least 2 fiscal updates per fiscal year
  • Communicates with accounting firm and ensures yearly taxes/statements are completed
  • Facilitate the collection of funds owing
  • Pay outstanding debts in a timely manner (vendor due dates)
  • Negotiate for best possible prices with vendors when applicable
  • Draft and maintain a 3 to 5 year budget in coordination with director of marketing and adjust
  • based on planned player volumes and sponsorship.
  • Ensures corporation in compliance with government and accounting body regulations

Executive Board Members – Rob McClelland

  • Takes on at least one director role
  • Chairs at least one committee
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Not to miss more than 3 consecutive meetings
  • Maintain good attendance records

Regular Board Members – Adrian Colak, John Gardner, Aniela Pulice, Jenn Sweezey, Curtis Vanderloo

  • Volunteers for at least one committee
  • Attends at least one of three regular board meetings

Members at Large – Vacant

  • Confirm attendance for board meetings
  • Must confirm at the AGM or through other methods of communication they wish to remain part
  • of the board
  • Attend AGM or 1 board meeting throughout the year