Spreading the Joy of Ultimate

On Friday, October 21st, student’s from Mr. Apostle’s and Mr. Dunne’s grade 7/8 class from White Pines C. & V.S. took part in an introductory session about Ultimate. This session was spearheaded by the Recreation and Culture Division of the City of Sault Ste. Marie, with help from the Sault Ultimate Players’ Association (SUPA). The grade 7’s and 8’s learned about Spirit of the Game (the concept behind Ultimate’s self-refereed style of play), as well as some basic throwing, catching and cutting skills. A game was played to explain the rules of Ultimate, including gender balance, disc space, and turnovers. Everyone had a blast! The class was left with some SUPA discs to practice with, and their next session is taking place today!

Here’s a clip from the October 21st session!

WPI learns to play ultimate frisbee!

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