Excitement Ahead…

Ultimate fans, SUPA has some very special things planned over the next month or so…

Wednesday July 27th – Rec League chair point and Cosplay night.  Two people sit in the end zone with a drink in their hand and attempt to catch the disc without getting out of the chair and with only one hand.  Cosplay, dress up as your favourite character.  Any character at all, from any medium.  Come out the Canadian win awesome prizes that night.

July 31st – Car Free Sunday – Join SUPA down on Ste. Mary’s River Drive and Foster Drive from 9:30 to 1.  We will be encouraging Sault residents to stay healthy and active and we’ll be tossing some discs around.

Monday August 29th – Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Year End Banquet.  Night starts off at 5 pm with our AGM.  Come and vote to help determine the future direction of SUPA.  Then at 6:30, it is time to eat & celebrate!  Pasta, meatballs, salad and desert with a cash bar.  Help the rec league and team league champions celebrate their wins!  Cheer Team League players on as they collect their awards.

AGM portion is free
Year End Banquet (Both Leagues) – $15 (tickets will be available soon)  Open to friends and family too!
Location – Grand Gardens North
AGM – 5:00pm
Banquet – 6:30pm

Want to be on the board? Nominate yourself HERE!!!

Exciting news will be shared at this years AGM… YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT!


Early September – Fall League will be getting underway.  Stay tuned for registration details.


Play Ultimate… because it rules!


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