Strategies To Improve Field Vision

Strategies To Improve Field Vision

Field vision is perhaps the most intangible skill in ultimate. It’s vitally important to the success of a team or an individual player, but we oftentimes chalk it up to an innate ability, an unlearnable attribute, or something that simply comes with time. As you are learning the game, it can certainly be difficult to feel like you know where you should be going or how to keep the field organized. Fortunately, you can take steps to consciously improve your field vision.

First things first, what is field vision? While athletes across any number of sports are often commended for “seeing the field well,” there does not seem to be a standard way to describe what this actually means. My simplistic definition is this: field vision is an understanding of how to conceptualize and exploit space, positioning, angles, and timing on the field.

It goes beyond rattling off where players set up in a horizontal stack or describing the fundamentals of a good mark; it’s understanding the best timing and angles for cutting out of a horizontal stack based on where a teammate received the last pass, or how to rotate your mark based on where the thrower is on the field. On offense, field vision means effectively creating space. On defense, it’s all about limiting the space available for your opponent to attack. On top of this, good field vision requires the ability to visualize continual play and adjust in real time to a fast-paced game of ultimate.

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