Ultimate Interactions

Ultimate Interactions!

SUPA has made some great new additions to their website this year but it might be a bit confusing, so like any SUPA people, we’ve added this post to help you learn!

First thing first… if you are looking for your team, go to Registration and Leagues, drop down to Summer Rec League 2014 and move on over to Rec League Rosters.  Look for your name and that is your team.

Now for the exciting part… this year, we’re using Ultitrax to manage our game schedules, tweet and Facebook post game results and let you be more interactive.

Here all the places you can find game schedules, team rosters, rankings and play prediction games.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sault.ultimate?sk=app_312637995427943
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SaultUltimate
Mobile Web App: http://m.ultitrax.com/supaadult14rec/
Ultitrax Website: http://ultitrax.com/supaadult14rec/
Adobe PDF: http://ultitrax.com/supaadult14rec/pdf_schedule.php
Calendar: http://ultitrax.com/supaadult14rec/schedule.php?ical=1
Website Plugin: http://www.saultultimate.ca/leagues/summer-rec-league/

So if you are living in the Internet age, you probably have a Facebook or Google account.  Log in to the Ultritrax website with one of those (no additional user names or passwords required) and you will be linked into your team.

From there, you’ll get to see your next game, who is on your team (easily make friends with them) and play prediction or survivor.  Not sure what that is?  Get on the website and check it out before your name next game and win prizes!


What other cool things can we expect from rec league this year?

Week 3 will be chair point night (two rotating people sitting in the end zone – pass to them to score a point).

Week 6 will be theme night… watch for the survey to vote on your favourite choice.

Week 9 will be random rule night… the rules change after every point (Flicks only, hammers only, the popular “walking only” point and many more.


See you on the field and after the games at our sponsor Lop Lops!

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