Registration 2014 Open

In case you didn’t know… registration is open!

And it can be done in some really simple steps.

Step 1. Select the league you want to play in from the drop down list under SUPA Leagues.
Step 2. Click the registration tab (sign in for extra goodies with Facebook or Google+).
Step 3. Fill in the required info and you are all done!

This year, you can even add extra goodies directly to your registration. Like this cool field bag that is only $5.

Cool Bag!

Cool Bag!






What are these extra goodies we speak of? Well, how about the ability to enter contests were you try to predict the winner of each game. There will be prizes, so pick well. Oh and how about having scores, stats and schedules all easily accessible, even from your phone and updated live!? It’s true and you’re welcome!

We told you before… SUPA in 2014, like you’ve never seen!

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