2013 Winter League

The snow has fallen and walking to work in your kids pajama’s and slippers just doesn’t sound fun.  No one wants to walk up hill both ways in five feet of snow just to have your boss tell you that you are doing it wrong.

Every Thursday starting January 10th and ending March 28th have a little fun.  Get your pre-Friday party going.  Game time starts at 10 and ends at 11.  What you do after that, well, we can’t be held responsible.  Do you really do any work on Friday anyway? 

So click on the bright orange link to your right and get signed up.  The fun is reserved for just the first 48 Ultimate people. 

Freezing cold arctic winds blasting your face?  Not in the WECC!
Ice so slick you consider inventing shoeskates?  No need for inventions in the WECC!
Shoveling off the rink to play a little game of pickup?  No shovels required in the WECC!

Isn’t it obvious?  Just play some indoor Ultimate and your 2013 winter will be the best 2013 winter you’ll ever have!

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