Winter 2012 – New 3 on 3 League

Listen up Ultimate fans…

Ultimate is heating up this winter with our new 3 on 3 league. 

Details you say?  You want details… We’ll give you details!

Starting Monday, January 9th at the Alexander Henry High School between the hours of 6pm to 10pm Ultimate in the Sault is going to get a little faster, a little funner (yes it’s a word, okay) and a little awesomer (also a word)!!!

Here is the deal… form your team of 6 to 9 players (no less, no more) with a minimum of 2 per gender.   One per gender on the court at all times.  Stall counts are reduced to 5 so you better toss it quick (ahh the pressure!).

Season will end sometime in April.

Now that you are excited to play, we bet you want to know how much all this excitement is going to cost you.  First, buy your 2012 SUPA membership which is good for the year, covers your butt for insurance, gets you a disc, access to all four leagues and an awesomer wickeder summer party for the decently low price of $20.  Then cough up an extra $10 and you got yourself some 3 on 3 action (get your mind out of the gutter, 3 on 3 Ultimate action…hmm maybe that didn’t really clarify things).   Play in all 4 leagues and technically you’re playing 3 on 3 for $15! 

Registration will be open soon for both 2012 Membership and 3 on 3 Ultimate.  Check soon, check often, rinse thoroughly, repeat.

OH!  Before we forget… on Mondays between 5 and 7 in the large gym come and play some pick up.  Pick is going on now and will continue during the Winter league.

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What is the field size for 3 0n 3 matches?