Sorry for screaming, but we are just a little bit excited.

The leaves are changing colours, the wind and rain seem to be coming and going as they feel like, so we say to heck with this crazy mother nature.

We may love her in the summer, but when it comes to fall, it’s time to head inside and hide.

While we’re hiding inside, we figure, why not play some Ultimate?

So we decided to do just that. Indoor Ultimate at the Alexander Henry High School. We even ramped it up and created two fall league nights.

Monday between 5 and 7 you can get a little of that post work stress out. $20 for the Ultimate therapy is hard to beat.

Saturday after 6:30, what better way to get the night started? A little ulimate, a shower and then hit the town! $20 bucks for 10 or 11 saturday nights? Probably the cheapest night out you’ll have in a long while.

Can’t get enough ultimate? We understand… so we offer a $5 discount if you play both nights.

We are in such a hurry to start playing, that registartion ends October 7th, so you better hurry and register too! Each night is limited to 40 players.

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