April Early Birds…

SUPA is offering an additional early bird option…

Recreation League has a $5 early bird discount option for players, so why not Team League right?

… Well we haven’t forgotten about our Co-ed Team Leagues.  Team League fee is $300 but if you submit your team before May 1st, you can receive a $60 early bird discount. 

Plus, don’t forget about your $5 discount for playing in both leagues!

So what does all these additional fee options mean anway?

Let’s break it down quickly in one early bird scenario.:

Along with the cost of your SUPA Membership, if you play Summer Rec League and Summer Team League and your team league has the minimum players of 12, you will end up paying a maximum $50 to play in two leagues. 

With 26 games available, that is less than $2 a game.   

As always… if you have any questions, just hit the contact button and send us your question.

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