Wednesday Night Rec League Teams and Schedule

There are eight teams in the league this year, so each Wednesday there will be a 1 hour early and late game played at Sir James Dunn and Anna McCrea. Unless you hear otherwise, games are played rain or shine.

Early Game Schedule

  • 6:15 – warm-ups
  • 6:25 – 5 minute warning (captains flip for pull)
  • 6:30 – games begin
  • 7:30 – games end, post game activities at Brody’s

Late Game Schedule

  • 7:15 – warm-ups
  • 7:25 – 5 minute warning (captains flip for pull)
  • 7:30 – games begin
  • 8:30 – games end, post game activities at Brody’s

Teams this year have been assigned a color and your captain will give you a team colored bandana on Wednesday. For the first few weeks you should bring a light and a dark colored shirt to play in. If you haven’t paid your registration fee or picked up your disc, SUPA will have a registration table set up at the Dunn around 6:00 this week (Wednesday June 2nd).

Use the links below to find out what team you are on and when / where you play:

Here is this week’s schedule (Wednesday June 2nd):

  • 6:30 Sir James Dunn
    Lime Green (Curtis Collins’ Team) vs. Purple (Jason Greco’s Team)
  • 6:30 Anna McCrea
    Red (Curtis Vanderloo’s Team) vs. Teal (Ian McLarty’s Team)
  • 7:30 Sir James Dunn
    Black (Steve Oldford’s Team) vs. Navy (Josh Sikorski’s Team)
  • 7:30 Anna McCrea
    Kelly Green (Jason McLellan’s Team) vs. White (Matt Caputo’s Team)

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