Week Three Be Pirate Theme Night

Batten down the hatches, week three be Pirate Theme Night!
Prepare for some swashbuckling or ye be walkin the plank. The finest crew of buccaneers be gettin the booty.

Game 9
6:30-7:30 @ Sir James Dunn
Tighty Whities vs. Mmm Bacon…

Game 10
6:30-7:30 @ Anna McCrea
Blue Bandidos vs. Ultimate Brain Freeze

Game 11
7:30-8:30 @ Sir James Dunn
Unicorns vs. Youth Justice Act

Game 12
7:30-8:30 @ Anna McCrea
MacGyver’s Tool vs. Black Eyed ‘Bees

In week two results:
– The Tighty Whities used their cannons to sink MacGyver’s Tool 15-7.
– The Unicorns got by Ultimate Brain Freeze by the skin of their teeth 10-9.
– The Black Eyed ‘bees used their cutlasses to carve a way through Hmmm Bacon… 10-4.
– Youth Justice Act made shark bait of The Blue Bandidos 10-5.

Most spirited wenches be: Jaime Miller, Adrianna Schamp, Natalia Lizarazo, Amy Cudmore, Megan Doyle, Vanessa Kairiss, Lisa Portelli, and Riley Linklater.

Most spirited salty dogs be: Dwayne Keough, Neil Peterson, David Kochanowski, Chuck Shannon, Derek Rice, Trevor Swenson, Dan Hooper, and Ryan Walsh.

Be dressed for battle and brush up on yar Pirate Talk before Wednesday!


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