Jan 20, 2010 – SUPA Meeting Minutes

Date and Time: 6:30 PM Wednesday January 20, 2010

Location: Jen and Steve’s House

Meeting Theme: Start planning for 2010

Jen Braun – 2009 Co-chair
Andrea Aubertin – 2009 Co-chair
Steven Oldford – 2009 Secretary
Cutis Vanderloo – 2009 Treasurer
Ian McLarty
Heidi Haldemann
Scott Norris
Jason Greco

Agenda Outline:
Welcome and Introductions
Nominations for 2010 SUPA Executive & Other Positions
Sault Sports Leisure and Recreation Guide
Insurance and Registration
Field Situation
Next Meeting


Welcome and Introductions

  • Steve welcomed everyone, briefly explained SUPA’s structure in 2009, and how meetings generally work
  • SUPA’s Executive consists of two Co-chairs, a secretary, and a treasurer

Nominations for 2010 SUPA Executive & Other Positions

  • Jen and Andrea accepted their nomination for the positions of SUPA Co-chairs in 2010 by Steve
  • Jen and Andrea were voted in as SUPA Co-chairs in 2010
  • Steve accepted his nomination for the position of SUPA Secretary in 2010 by Curtis
  • Steve was voted in as SUPA Secretary in 2010
  • Curtis accepted his nomination for the position of SUPA Treasurer in 2010 by Steve
  • Curtis was voted in as SUPA Treasurer in 2010
  • Ian expressed an interest in helping out with running the league
  • Heidi expressed an interest in helping out with social events
  • Scott expressed an interest in helping out with Tournaments
  • Jason expressed an interest in helping out wherever he was needed


  • As of January 11, 2010 SUPA has received its letter of patent for incorporation of a corporation without share capital
  • Our official name is now: Sault Ultimate Players’ Association Inc.
  • First directors are Jen, Andrea, and Steve
  • Some paper work has to be filed within 60 days
  • SUPA’s Executive will take care of this


  • February 27-28
  • Bids have to go in soon
  • $400 deposite
  • SUPA will no longer pay registration fees because it has led to problems in recouping fees post tournament
  • Some people have expressed interest still need more
  • Second mass email is nessesary

Sault Sports Leisure and Recreation Guide

  • Steve and Ian explained some of the history behind SUPA not making the guide
  • The only way we can guarantee getting is by purchasing an ad
  • Group decided that a 1/4 page ad would be good experiment
  • Steve will contact Soo This Week about ad sizes and other specifics
  • 2009 ads might be a possibility
  • We can have to much detail because there still is a lot of unknowns for 2010 season

Insurance and Registration

  • Jen let us know that we are insured until Feb 22, 2010
  • ODSA is working on the insurance stuff but isn’t ready to sell us ours yet
  • There may be a survey for us to complete?
  • Registration alternatives may be needed in 2010 because ODSA system was too complicated in 2009
  • SUPA can hopefully do its own registration (like we did in end in 2009) and submit a spreadsheet to ODSA with all the info they need later
  • We would like to have our registration up and running by April 2010
  • Heidi suggested we look to get womens hockey players interested in playing ultimate
  • Scott suggested getting more high schools involved
  • Andrea reminded us that you need to work with the school board on getting into schools

Field Situation

  • Bawating is no longer an option
  • Ian and Steve met with the city about this in 2009
  • Steve will contact the city about this again and try to set up a meeting for early February

Next Meeting

  • Andrea will host the next meeting on February 17th
  • Discuss 2010 League details and dates, advertising, social events, etc…