Feb 17, 2010 – SUPA Meeting Minutes

Date and Time: 6:30 PM Wednesday February 17, 2010

Location: Andrea’s Apartment

Meeting Theme: 2010 planning

Jen Braun – 2010 Co-chair
Andrea Aubertin – 2010 Co-chair
Steven Oldford – 2010 Secretary
Curtis Vanderloo – 2010 Treasurer
Ian McLarty – 2010 Officer

Agenda Outline:
Review and approve minutes from Jan 20 meeting
Updates on: incorporation, fields, Snowplate, SRC guide, insurance, registration
Planning for 2010: structure, dates, social, events, advertising
Next meeting


Review and approve minutes

  • Minutes are posted on the About SUPA page of website
  • Minutes from Jan 20, 2010 meeting reviewed by Steve
  • Minutes approved by all in attendance

Update Incorporation

  • Contact information needed for CRS paper work collected
  • Ian agreed to be 5th officer of Sault Ultimate Players’ Association Inc.
  • Steve will file incorporation paperwork before March 11

Update Fields

  • Meeting to be held with M. Hazelton at City Hall on February 23 to discuss fields in 2010 and future
  • Steven, Ian, and Andrea will attend

Update Snowplate

  • Team is coming together nicely
  • Could still use some more ladies
  • Accommodations set and transportation just about set
  • Most people have paid their registrations

Update Sports, Rec and Culture Guide

  • Majority of people have voted for ad 1 of 2.
  • Steve will submit ad by end of February
  • Will get invoice from Soo This Week

Update Insurance and Registration

  • Insurance paid to ODSA for 100 players
  • 2010 policy begins Feb 23rd
  • Steve will review ODSA registration process to ensure critical information is collected in our registration process
  • Ideally we will avoid having to send people to ODSA website to register
  • Target to have registration up and running by April

Plans for 2010

  • Steve provided a review of the 2009 season to put things in perspective
  • A lot of 2010 plans will depend on when and where fields will be available
  • Only one league fee in 2010 (Wednesday Night Co-ed Rec Leauge)
  • Monday night league will continue on pickup basis emphasizing skills and scrimmages like how things developed in 2009
  • Sunday pickup will be offered for the pre-season and early part of the season if there is sufficient interest
  • Ian told us about a website called that could be used
  • Online registration fees from 2009 still have to be collected
  • Jen will look into getting SUPA a credit card to facilitate online purchases
  • Curtis looked into the costs of ordering different colored bandanas for each team in 2010
  • Looking at having a six to eight teams in Co-ed Rec League in 2010
  • Co-ed Rec League to begin week after May long weekend and run for 13 weeks until the third week of August
  • Once teams are picked and rosters are full, late registrants will be put on a spares list that captains can use when they know they may be short players in a given week
  • Two theme nights in 2010 (ideas: Alt sports, Olympics, Christmas, Biker, Hawaiian, Value Village)
  • SUPA would like to do a pasta / pub night fundraiser
  • SUPA would like to have Sportscenter again as a sponsor but we need to see where we will be playing first
  • Going back to spirit player instead of spirit team points
  • Communicate with captains better, perhaps have a second captains meeting at the halfway point
  • Weekly updates were good last year
  • One person should be responsible for league communications
  • Steve is looking into communication options
  • Advertising: bilboard, leaflets, email poster, schools, college, university, sports showcase, word of mouth

Next Meeting

  • Tuesday March 16th, 7:00 at Dish on Queen St.
  • Approve minutes from last meeting
  • Provide Updates
  • Discuss budgets and financial stuff