May 4, 2010 – SUPA Meeting Minutes

Date and Time: 7:00 Tuesday May 4, 2010

Location: Dish on Queen St.

Meeting Theme: 2010 Summer League Preparation

Jen Braun – Co-chair
Andrea Aubertin – Co-chair
Steven Oldford – Secretary
Curtis Vanderloo – Treasurer
Curtis Collins – Member at Large
Heidi McLarty – Member at Large
Ian McLarty – Member at Large

Agenda Outline:

  • Review and approve minutes from March 23rd meeting
  • Advertising
  • Sponsor
  • League
  • Kick Off Party


  • Review and approve minutes
  • Minutes from March 23 meeting reviewed by Steve.
  • Minutes approved by Curtis V. and seconded by Curtis C.


  • Plan to promote the league further using facebook.
  • Will return to businesses that have already received SUPA posters to hand out more posters if needed.
  • To send e-mail out with names of businesses posters distributed to avoid duplication.
  • Plan to contact CTV again about doing a story on SUPA
  • Steve and Curtis sent out a press release to various SSM media outlets. They met with the Sault Star today for a photo shoot.
  • ACTION: Steve will contact Lincoln Louttit re: doing a story on SUPA
  • ACTION: Steve will send Curtis C. poster files for him to print. All SUPA exec will help distribute posters.


  • Steve spoke with Brody’s; they are very keen to sponsor SUPA this summer.
  • ACTION: Steve will contact Brody’s to determine details of sponsorship.


  • Each team should have one female and one male captain.
  • We will have two bins of supplies to have at the games; one for each field.
  • ACTION: Jen will do an inventory of supplies (discs, first aid, cones, horn, etc…)
  • Jen has yet to look into funding for equipment/supplies through the MOH.
  • ACTION: Jen will look into MOH funding.
  • ACTION: Heidi will talk to Canadian Tire about giving SUPA supplies if SUPA in exchange for doing a fundraiser for Jump Start.
  • Dates of beginner clinics have been set for May 12 and May 19 @ 6:30 p.m. The clinics will be run by Curtis V., Curtis C. and Steve.
  • Sunday pick up will continue until attendance fades.
  • Monday nights will consist of pick up with some instruction. The first one will be on May 17th starting at 6:30 p.m.
  • The soft deadline for registration will be May 25th; hard deadline June 1st.
  • Kick off party will be held at the Art Gallery on May 26th starting at 6 p.m.
  • The party will include a BBQ, opportunity for registration, and games of cups/disc golf, etc.
  • The captains’ meetings will take place prior to and after the party.
  • ACTION: Andrea will make up a hard copy of SUPA Summer events.
  • ACTION: Steve will print copies of schedule of events.
  • ACTION: Curtis C. will contact Dave Helwig about promoting skills clinics/summer league on SooToday.
  • ACTION: Andrea will organize food for the Kick Off Party; Jen will check to see how many paper plates/napkins were left after last year’s Registration Party at Arcadia.
  • ACTION: Heidi will get measuring wheel for measuring fields from her workplace.
  • ACTION: Andrea and Jen need to sign Incorporation paperwork at the Credit Union
  • Steve reports two deposited into SUPA account from registration thus far and Eventbrite / Paypal have been paid.
  • Curtis V. would like gross sales amounts for budgeting purposes.
  • ACTION: Steve to give Curtis V a sales report
  • Ian was wondering about web site schedule and team lists. Steve suggested that we do the same thing that was done last year and use embedded Google spreadsheets.

Disc Golf:

  • Curtis C. and Steve are wondering whether SUPA would consider purchasing portable disc golf baskets
  • Curtis V. would like to wait until after registration has been completed before discussing further;
  • Topic will be tabled until after registration

Ultimate Clinics in High Schools:

  • Curtis C. is interested in doing Frisbee clinics in high schools
  • ACTION: Ian will look into possible contacts with the school system

Next Meeting:

  • Not decided at this time