This week: Super heroes, Seattle bound

Monday night finds its groove

Last week everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. The night started with a warm-up game, followed by 30 min or so of learning Cup offense and defense. We finished up with a fun, fast-paced game to 5, with teams trying various zone defences.

This week Curtis is out of town, so Laura Barber will do some review of Cup, especially on defence, and then take us through Seattle, a common warm-up activity that is fun because it involves several kinds of throws and cuts to the disc, and the disc keeps moving throughout.

So we’ll continue with the same format: 30 min warm-up game, 30 minutes of learning, 60 minutes of game time. Come out for 2 hours or just the final 60 minutes. Warm-up game starts @ 7 pm.

Sundays @ 3pm – Pickup

Get an extra dose of playing on Sunday afternoons. Anyone welcome, including those not registered for league play.

Wednesday games resume

After a one week break, Wednesday league starts up again this week. Check the schedule to see when your team plays.

Week from Wednesday: Super Heroes take the field

Ultimate super hero

Having a hard time finding the right occasion to wear that bright red pair of spandex tights or flashy cape?  You’re in luck! SUPA’s second theme night of the year, Super heroes Night, is the perfect chance.  Wear your best super hero costume on Wednesday, July 15 to match your ultimate super powers on the field. and be the up for some sweet prizes at the Sports Centre afterwards.

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