Update: Registration extended to Sunday

Registration deadline this Sunday

Due to a glitch in the system (read: stupid human error), no one could register for most of Saturday. For that reason, registration is being left open until end of Sunday.

Register for league play by May 23 (this Saturday). You can play competitive (new) on Mondays, recreational on Wednesdays, or both for those who can’t. get. enough. disc.

Also new this year is the option of submitting a team for competitive night. If you are trying to form a team, and need a few more players, add a comment to this post on the web site to let others know.

Need a last minute rush of signups

We’ve got about 50 players registered for co-rec, normally we have 90 by the time season starts. Either a lot fewer people want to play this year, or people want to give us organizers a heart attack by waiting until the very end. Don’t delay, sign up now and keep your organizing team from spending a night at emerg.

Help promote Ultimate

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Update your Facebook status mentioning you are playing and include a link to
  • Personally invite friends and co-workers, people waiting at bus stops, paper delivery boys and that neighbour who always stares at you from the window.

If everyone finds one person to come out and play, we’ll have plenty of players for a healthy league.

Sports Showcase on Saturday – need volunteers

Sault Ultimate will have a booth at the Sports Showcase this Saturday at the Station Mall. Jen Braun, master organizer needs people to sign up for an hour or two of booth time. If you’ve wanted to get involved, this is an easy, fun job. There will someone with you at the booth to help answer questions. We’ll also have a DVD of the world ultimate championshiops playing to entertain.

Click here to volunteer for booth time.

Ultimate next week – leagues start

We’ll begin informal action next week:

  • Sunday 3:00 pm at Bawating come out for a pickup game.
  • Monday 6:30 pm at Bawating is Competitive night. No official games this week or next. Curtis Collins, 20 year veteran will be there to improve your game and organize a competitive game for everyone signed up for Monday.
  • Wednesday 7:00 pm at Bawating is Recreation night. You’ll meet your team members for the first time and play in a series of mini games to meet other people in the league. Note, organizing teams may be postponed if registration is extended to attract more players. Either way, games will be played.
  • Opening night party! Come out afterwards to our sponsor the Sports Centre Bar & Grill 624 Wellington St. West (see map for location). There will be free pizza and plenty of suds to go around.

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